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Automation becomes clear. Roimax is the best software platform for running UA Automation.

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It’s easy to make good choices when you have good insights

Advanced Marketing Analytics
Analytics technologies on our open platform can help you to choose the best options for your business and customers needs
Advanced UA Automation
When it comes to marketing, you should only pay for what works. Our automation platform provides cutting-edge technology.
No SDK Needed. 15 minutes setup
Connect your MMP and Media Sources in minutes. Start Automation right now.
Automation Simulations
Test automation without risks.

Your opportunities with Roimax

Automate multiple Ad Networks at the same time.
Customize the level of risk.
Create your advertising strategy in a variety of styles with automatic daily, weekly, and long-term optimizations.
Limit the number of changes.
Save your time and avoid the monitoring charts day and night.
Prevent errors caused by human factors to increase your profitability.
Run automation using API of Ad Networks (like Meta, Applovin, Unity Ads, Google Ads, Tik Tok, etc.).

Revolutionizing customer acquisition with automation

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Our platform simplifies complex data and gives you a unified view of campaign performance so you can make better, faster marketing choices.

ROAS Boost
Revenue Increase
ROAS Variability
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The insights that matter are the ones that you can trust and act on. Our platform gives you the accurate and actionable insights that help you build better customer relationships.

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